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Hacking School Discipline Together is  the  missing  manual  for  responsive  discipline  practices.

“This is  the  missing  manual  for  responsive  discipline  practices.  Benson reminds  us  that  we  need  a  ‘well-constructed  and  integrated  system’  of  disciplinary responses. Too many schools think it’s enough to do restorative  circles  when  they  really  need  a  rich  and  diverse  toolkit  for  helping teachers  and  students  restore  harmony  and  repair  harm.  Benson  invites  us to expand our repertoire and level up our game.”

— Zaretta Hammond, author of Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain

Hacking School Discipline Together acknowledges the very real demands
teachers and administrators face

“Hacking School Discipline Together acknowledges the very real demands teachers and administrators face when dealing with discipline and offers practical and doable solutions that can be implemented immediately and systemically.  Benson  also  takes  time  to  address  common  areas  of  push- back respectfully and logically, helping administrators make the case for building a status quo of restoration instead of a culture of punishment.”

— Robyn Jackson, author of nine books, including the bestselling Never Work Harder Than Your Students and the award-winning Never Underestimate Your Teachers

…I am a better school leader because of his workshop…

“The workshop for School Leaders that I recently completed with Jeffry Benson was very helpful.  Jeffrey spent a lot of time on the language we use as leaders which helps to diffuse or escalate a situation.  I am a better school leader because of his workshop.”

– Maura Burke, Principal, Saint Brendan School, Dorchester MA

…calls it like it is through warmth and humor…

“Working with Jeffrey in the Leadership Seminar has proved to be one of the most valuable professional and personal development opportunities I have had to date. Jeffrey does an incredible job of getting to know you and your immediate needs as an administrator and then designs a professional learning series to address the challenges and intricacies of your job. Not only did his lessons and guidance help me in the moment, but I have leaned on what I learned in the seminar over and over again as I continue in my admin journey. As a result, I feel confident and capable of approaching challenging situations from difficult conversations, to building consensus, to creating meaningful professional development, to  “managing up” as a middle manager (which we all are, really…as I learned). Lastly, Jeffrey calls it like it is through warmth and humor– and encourages us to know ourselves, ask questions, and say what needs to be said in a clear and kind manner.”

…Relevant and impactful…

“Jeffrey Benson has provided some of the most powerful PD and coaching I have had the opportunity to participate in during my career.  Based on his years of experience in schools and his understanding of the complex dynamics within school buildings, Jeffrey draws out the most insightful and meaningful lessons for his audience.  I always leave his sessions with new ideas, fresh perspectives, and plenty of food for thought. “

…some of the most powerful PD and coaching I have had…

“Jeffrey’s insights and expansive experience remain both relevant and impactful as school leaders continue to navigate the ever-changing landscape of education.  I found the work we did to be exceptionally pragmatic and applicable, enabling me the opportunity to reflect about my practices and approaches making this position seem less “lonely” and more collaborative.  Additionally, it has helped me to traverse the many responsibilities that we face as school leaders including school culture and climate, organizational leadership, and strategic planning.”

…Manifests the best thinking in modern education…

“…manifests the best thinking in modern education, including actionable steps on developing students’ self-agency and self-regulation, and how to develop communication and executive functioning skills.” 

– Rick Wormelli (on “Teaching the Whole Teen”)

…I am constantly drawn back to his work…

Jeffrey believes in the power of professional learning and personalizes his work to support the school he is working with.  Jeffrey made a profound impact on my work and I am constantly drawn back to his work.

– Margaret Jones-Carey, ED.D

I have learned so much from Jeffrey, and would highly recommend him as a trainer or consultant!

– Fran Rosenberg, Executive Director, Northshore Education Consortium

Jeffrey as a professional coach is an astute observer who catches the perfect moments in the classroom to focus on for a teacher’s educational growth. His expertise is fundamental to good teaching and learning because his feedback is delivered from a position of knowledge, experience, and robust ideas which serve to make a teacher better.

– David Thompson, teacher

I don’t know anyone as committed to educating all youth as Jeffrey is.  I don’t know anyone who enjoys thinking and talking about teaching and learning as much as Jeffrey does.  I was blessed to have been mentored by Jeffrey, and I owe him so much for the teacher I yearned to become and the teacher I have become.

Rabbi Lori Shaller

Jeffrey’s assistance around working with students with high levels of anxiety, as well as those learners who are often considered most “challenging,” has provided educators in our region with strategies, supports, and reflection points for strengthening their practices moving forward. We look forward to working with him again .

Fred Ende, ASCD author; Director of Curriculum and Instruction BOCES

…The sort of book that reminds you instantly of why you went into education in the first place…

“I want to give some recognition and thanks to an educator, Jeffrey Benson, who is truly one of the best. If you have a chance to familiarize yourself with his work, you will find it a rejuvenating treat.  I have been very fortunate in my professional life and connections, and the chance to discuss and ponder the art and science of teaching with someone as skilled as he, has to rank among the highlights of my teaching career. In 2014 Jeffrey published the book Hanging In, about the value and also the difficulty of hanging in with difficult students. I opened the book and after the first page, just closed my door and read the rest of it. I will admit that the hours my job requires don’t leave nearly the reading time I would like, but this was a must read for me, because it is the sort of book that reminds you instantly of why you went into education in the first place, and what truly great transitional work teaching can be at its best.”

– Maggie Rizzi, School Superintendent (on “Hanging In”)

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