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Leadership Coaching, Seminars & Consultation


Jeffrey facilitates on-going remote seminars to support adult learning on leadership, teaching, and learning.

Seminars are composed of staff who work in a single school, or within a district, or across districts. The seminars are small, 5- 10 people in each cohort, to develop a sense intimacy and trust, allowing us to dive deeply into our shared questions, reflections, and ideas. The cohorts generally meet every other week for 75 minutes; the option will always be open for the group to continue beyond that initial commitment. The meetings are scheduled for early evening, so participants have time to get home, have dinner, and take care of other responsibilities, before settling into a great conversation about this work that means so much to us and our communities.

Contact Jeffrey if you want to start a seminar, develop a seminar theme, discuss scheduling options, and learn about current pricing.

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