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New Books Network: Improve Every Lesson Plan with SEL

Author Jeffrey Benson Joins FocusED to Discuss How Educators Can Improve Every Lesson Plan with SEL


Jeffrey Benson, author of the ASCD best-seller Improve Every Lesson Plan with SEL, is the guest for this episode.

Interview with Larry Jacobs from Education Talk Radio about Jeffrey’s book “Hanging In”

Interview with Larry Jacobs about Jeffrey’s book “Ten Steps to Managing Change In Schools”

The third interview with Larry Jacobs, this time speaking about “Teaching the Whole Teen,” with co-author Rachel Poliner

Principal Jason Bodnar talks with Jeffrey about working with challenging students on the Principally Speaking podcast

Interview with Melissa LaBianca about teaching a second language to students with learning disabilities

Interview with Special Needs Book Review on teaching challenging students

Q & A with ASCD In Service about working with challenging students​

BAM! Radio Interview: A Seven Minute History of Special Education

ASCD podcast: “When It Comes to Learning, Emotions Play an Important Role”

Podcast: Six Ways to Succeed with the Students Who Challenge Us Most

Rod Berger interviews me about all things Hanging In.

The folks at “Class Dismissed” talk with me about why school leaders and administrators should still teach

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