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Supporting Schools That Work For All Students

Build Interdisciplinary School Change Team

Restore and reimagine your school’s culture with interdisciplinary teams, moving from goals to school-wide practices.

Integrate Social Emotional Learning into Lessons

Build lesson plans infused with SEL, and transform implicit and random efforts into explicit and intentional efforts to build SEL skills in any lesson.

Provide Leadership Coaching & Seminars

Confidently assess your interests, develop options, make decisions and build support as an educational leader.

Develop a Whole Teen / Whole Student Approach

Learn about adolescent brain development and resilience theory, and the practices that support academic success and personal development.

Work with Challenging Students

Students with challenges grow in idiosyncratic and often unpredictable ways. Learn how to hang in through the ups-and-downs of student development.

Design Inclusive Classrooms & Schools

Make every classroom a haven for success, where all students can get a foothold on learning.

Be inspired and gain strategies through a mixture of services
uniquely designed for members of the school community:

with Administrators

helping develop a template for systemic growth, and identifying ways to effectively move an agenda into the school culture.

with Leadership Teams

supporting a process of dialogue and decision-making.

with Entire Faculty

sharing best practices in adult-to adult communication, learning theory, differentiation of lessons, conflict resolution, positive discipline, and developing a shared sense of purpose.

with Teachers & Teaching Teams

building competencies in curriculum development, classroom strategies, and working with their most challenging students.

with Special Education Staff

developing effective IEPs, chairing constructive team meetings, and working collaboratively with mainstream teachers.

with Parents

understanding child development and building effective communication strategies and plans for chores, homework, and conflict resolution.

Connect with Jeffrey Benson

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