In addition to school specific coaching and consultation, build your school’s capacity with the following workshops:

Creating Havens of Resiliency in Schools
The latest research on resiliency encourages the development in students of autonomy, problem-solving, social connections, and a sense of purpose. This workshop explores how each of those characteristics can be integrated into the day-to-day workings of a class and school.

Building a School Culture of Exquisite Respect
The single most important task of school staff each day is to rebuild a climate of exquisite respect, so that all students have their best chance to succeed as learners. This workshop explores the many essential ways to achieve this condition in schools.

Leading a School Change Initiative
Schools are complex organizations that do not change over-night. This workshop guides the participants through a predictable framework of change. Come with an idea and leave with a plan.

Differentiated Instruction in Inclusion Settings
The drive to include students with diverse special needs in the mainstream comes with as many challenges as the students have. In this workshop we’ll look at current best practices, typical obstacles, and develop plans to improve systems already in place.

Hanging In With Challenging Students
People don’t change; they grow. Students with challenges grow in idiosyncratic and often unpredictable ways. In this workshop we will consider the diverse ways students learn, the opportunities to stretch the environment for atypical learners, and share many tools to help teachers hang in through the ups-and-downs of student development.

Developing a Staff Team
Schools often are only as successful as their staff is at teamwork and communication. In this workshop we will look at various protocols that build practices and a shared language that promote high functioning school teams.

Difficult Conversations
Conflict is inevitable; the ability to manage conflict and develop wisdom from conflict are learned skills. This workshop will help participants develop and expand their abilities to talk through differences and find common ground.

Managing Stress and Anxiety in School Cultures
Schools are at the intersection of infinite need and finite resources. Everyone feels the pressure. This workshop will look at the institutional stress experienced by students and by staff, and offer tools, protocols and concepts to help build support, relationships, and a more successful learning environment.

How We Learn and The Tools to Maximize Learning
The last thirty years of brain research have given us a much better idea of how students gain knowledge and skills. In this workshop participants will be given a short review of that research and be shown simple ways to adjust pedagogy to improve student learning.

Growth Mind Set and Grit
We can inculcate in students a belief that they all have immeasurable intelligence, and that each of them can learn and grow through a lifetime of pursuits. This workshop moves participants from theory to classroom practices. Workshop participants will become versed in the latest brain science, and how to bring that amazing and wondrous knowledge to their students in every day conversation. We will investigate daily rituals and routines that deepen student beliefs that their thoughts are worthy. We will examine ways to set up lessons and units that expand the possibilities for students to know themselves as learners by building strategies of effort. We will consider the critical opportunities throughout the day to give students feedback that enhances their confidence. This workshop is not about a lesson or a trick to get students to try harder; it’s about the very meaning of teaching and learning, and how schools and classrooms can be transformed.

There is a little bit of magic when co-teachers combine their strengths in a classroom. Co-teaching magic is more likely to happen when teachers, and their leadership team, share terminology, best practices, and expectations. This workshop provides a dive into co-teaching models, lesson plan objectives, shared interests, and ways of handling student difficulties.

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