Jeffrey is an internationally known author of a variety of publications and articles geared toward educators, administrators, and even parents of students. He articulates missions, plans, and strategies for schools to be inclusive for all students. Below are Jeffrey's books as well as other published writing:


Developing independence and shared responsibility. Collaborating and communicating effectively. Establishing valuable work habits. Harnessing emotions. Finding motivation. We all want teens to acquire these vital skills and engage meaningfully in academics.

Instead of providing yet another recipe or formula for how to teach challenging students, this book takes the more realistic path of helping you develop a mindset that honors the individuality of each student and his or her own best way forward. Veteran educator Jeffrey Benson draws from real-life scenarios to explain how to create a patient and supportive environment that helps students to learn.

As change initiatives come and go, you can handle each one with this guide's 10-step management plan. ASCD author and veteran educator Jeffrey Benson provides you with a change model that can be successfully adapted to almost all program initiatives.